This is how the second peripheral ring of Morelia will be; contemplates 7 segments


The initial section contemplates 13.4 kilometers and will connect the roads to Pátzcuaro and Quiroga; it is expected to conclude in January 2025.

Next Thursday, the construction of the first segment, of 7, of the second peripheral ring of the Michoacan capital, which implies 13.4 kilometers, begins. In total, the entire work will have 87.8 kilometers.

According to data from the state government, this road will have two large road distributors located in the towns of Tacícuaro and La Estancia, and it is estimated that around 5,700 vehicles will transit daily.

The construction of the first segment is expected to be completed in January 2025 and will continue with a maintenance process until 2027.

The second segment has a length of 26.6 kilometers, the third of 6.2, the fourth of 7.4, the fifth of 4.8, the sixth of 14.7 and the seventh of 14.7.

WHAT DOES THE FIRST SEGMENT IMPLY? The project of the first segment has two junctions, from Tacícuaro to La Estancia, which will connect the roads to Pátzcuaro and Quiroga.

It includes the construction of three structures: one in San Nicolás Obispo, another in Joya de Buenavista and the third in Joya de la Huerta.

It will also have 60 meters of right of way and drainage infrastructure; the speed for this road is planned at 110 kilometers per hour.

In this first part of the second peripheral ring, one thousand 274 million pesos will be allocated.

Source: La Voz de Michoacan