Miguel Ángel Zavala, candidate for mayor of Maravatío, Michoacán is murdered

Miguel Angel Zavala (Photo: X/@AztecaNoticias)

On Monday, February 26, Miguel Ángel Zavala Reyes, a man seeking to be mayor of Maravatío, Michoacán by the Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena) political party was murdered in broad daylight. The subject was shot when he was in his vehicle in the Rancho la Huerta fractionation.

According to the first reports Zavala Reyes, who was a doctor by profession, was close to the San Angeles clinic when he was attacked. Local media reports indicated that the attackers shot him on several occasions, resulting in his death. The attackers escaped the site. Doctors who were in the area would have tried to care for Miguel Angel Zavala without being able to save his life.

The attack against the pre-candidate was carried out in the municipal head of Maravatío. Authorities came to the scene to protect the area and no arrests have been reported following the assault on Ángel Zavala.

Witnesses reported that two people got out of a vehicle and assaulted the pre-candidate. For their part, the authorities found cartridges of a short weapon in the area, in some of the photographs of the events it was seen that the doctor was inside his vehicle when he got shot.

The Maravatío Municipal Police launched an operation to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrators of the attack, with no positive results so far.

Reyes Zavala was a doctor specializing in gynecology and some reports indicate that it was the first time that the man made the registration to participate in an election and the official presentation of the candidacy he was seeking was scheduled for February 29, that is, the man was attacked three days before he could become a formal candidate.

Until 7:00 p.m., on Monday night the Morena party had not issued any official report regarding the events that occurred in Michoacán.

It should be remembered that on November 4 the authorities confirmed the body of Dagoberto García Rivera, who was a leader of Morena in the municipality of Maravatío, Michoacán, was found. The disappearance of this man was reported to the Attorney General’s Office of that state on 19 October 2023.

On that occasion, the Michoacán authorities detailed that the man’s body was found in the town of Ucareo about half an hour away from Maravatío.

The investigation folder of the case reports that on October 19 Garcia Rivera was in his vehicle when three armed subjects gunned him down and fled the scene. Days later, on October 30, the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office reported the arrest of Eduardo No., who would be one of those involved in the disappearance of Dagoberto García.

But attacks against politicians have also happened in other Mexican states, for example in mid-February Mario Figueroa Mundo, mayor of Taxco, Guerrero, was attacked.

Initially, the Michoacan prosecutor’s office had pointed out that the violent actions were the result of an armed robbery.

Mario Figueroa es un político afín a la 4T
(Facebook: Mario Figueroa)Mario Figueroa is a Morena politician (Facebook: Mario Figueroa)

However, on February 20, the mayor himself shared a statement in which he said he was attacked.

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