Man enters nightclub with chainsaw; security kicked him out with chairs | Video


The security cameras of a table dance, called La Jungla, captured the exact moment when a man entered the establishment by force with a chainsaw on in his hands.

So far, the intentions of this man to enter this place are unknown, although he was scared away by those who were inside, as they threw chairs and couches at him to make him leave.

This table dance is located in the center of the city and port of Lázaro Cárdenas, in the state of Michoacán.

According to the information shown in the images captured by the surveillance cameras, these events occurred at 23:40 hours on March 3, when a subject accompanied by another person, took a chainsaw out of the trunk of a red vehicle.

While his companion stayed on top of the car, the other person walked to the establishment with the chainsaw on, shouting and intimidating the private security element that was there.

On the day of this incident, the man captured, wore a long-sleeved gray shirt, as well as blue denim pants.

As soon as the man who was guarding the door realized that the subject was armed with the chainsaw, he ran inside the nightclub, while with a threatening attitude the aggressor continued his way.

When the security man reached the top of the place, he took a couch to throw it at the person with the chainsaw on to prevent him from climbing the stairs completely.

Next, waiters from the place took couches to also try to throw them at the aggressor, who quickly fled the place, before being further attacked. So far, the direction he went is unknown.

For their part, the administrators of the place said they did not know the reason why that person came to the place with a chainsaw on, and that he apparently looked like he had bad intentions, although so far, they have not spoken officially about what happened.

The event caused shock in all the people who were in the place, both customers and workers, although no injuries are reported so far.

It is expected that the authorities of the state of Michoacán, clarify the facts and be able to know what was the background of this situation and the reasons why the man from outside shouted and entered aggressively with the chainsaw.

Source: Telediario