VIDEO: Armed narcos aboard trucks chase military convoy out of Michoacán


The criminals expelled personnel from the Sedena de Nueva Italia, municipality of Múgica, Michoacán.

Elements of the Mexican Army were persecuted and expelled by a convoy of assassins from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Nueva Italia, municipality of Múgica, Michoacán.

In a 27-second video, armed people in several trucks are seen chasing the soldiers on the highway that goes from the 21st Century Highway to Apatzingán.

Tírale!… ¡tírenle putos!… váyanse a la verga. A chingar a su madre. shout the armed narcos as they “chase” the military convoy that decides to flee.

In the clip, it is possible to see how the soldiers shoot out in the vicinity of the Cuatro Caminos roundabout to avoid confrontation.

The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) is the group with the largest criminal presence in the country, as it is documented that it has activities in 23 states, according to a database that was built from information obtained from open sources – news and official releases – and presented on May 4.

That group is followed by the Sinaloa Cartel, with a presence in nine states; Cartel del Noroeste and the Nueva Familia Michoacana with a presence in eight states each; Los Zetas, in five entities, and Guerreros Unidos, in four.

In Marquelia Guerrero, self-defense groups threatened members of the Navy

On the Mexican Pacific coast, through social networks, the video was shown of the moment in which police officers from the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG) held elements aboard two patrols of the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) while they made a tour of the municipal seat of Marquelia.

At around 4:00 p.m., the sailors passed a UPOEG checkpoint and asked one of its elements to remove his pants and boots, as well as his insignia, since they are for the exclusive use of the armed forces, not civilians. 

Derived from the scolding of the marines, members of the UPOEG got upset and chased the two patrols, so the armed civilians caught up with them, and with four trucks they encapsulated them, threatened them, and took the air out of the tires of the two official vehicles.

The marines remained inside the units, following the orders of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, his supreme commander of Hugs not bullets.

For their part, the angry members of the UPOEG made calls and asked for reinforcements, when the mayor of Marquelia, the PRD (PRD) Lincer Casiano Clemente, arrived at the site, accompanied by elements of the Municipal and Tourist Police, who were also attacked by the UPOEG.

The mayor went to talk to the commander who was leading the two Semar patrols, who explained that they did notice the young man because of his clothing, and immediately the UPOEG member approached, who complained to the Mayor about the presence of the Semar in the municipality, and he explained that he requested the patrol to protect the municipal festivities.

The commander of the UPOEG told the command of the Navy: the truth is that we were thinking of manhandling (tying up) and putting you on the bridge, but for the municipal president, who is our friend, and our command here, we are going to leave this here.

Then the UPOEG policemen withdrew, as did the mayor. 
Minutes later, ministerial and state police arrived to help the sailors.
The mayor declared to local media that he spoke with the military commanders to be able to establish coordination and that the event is not repeated or escalated, since the UPOEG police officers are not trained and their weapons may miss a few shots.

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