Armed civilians cut down trees in Pátzcuaro


During an operational action implemented in the municipality of Pátzcuaro, personnel from the Michoacán State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) secured a truck that was transporting illegal wood.

In relation to this fact, personnel of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Combating Crimes against the Environment and Fauna were alerted that, in the town of La Palmita, belonging to the municipality of Pátzcuaro, men were illegally cutting down trees.

Therefore, the agents went to the aforementioned location, where they were attacked by civilians who fired firearms at them, an attack that was repelled, managing to secure a Chevrolet pickup, red with cherry loaded with resource forestry and a black Equinox vehicle; while the aggressors escaped.

The units were secured and made available to the agent of the Public Ministry in order to continue with the corresponding investigations.

The first 100 days of Julio Arreola’s government

Julio Arreola: 100 days of Government in Pátzcuaro

Last weekend, the new administration in Pátzcuaro headed by Julio Arreola Vázquez marked 100 days, but due to the trip that the municipal president made to Spain to reiterate twinning with the municipality, it was not possible to issue a message to the citizens.

The municipal president of Pátzcuaro, Julio Arreola, indicated what problems they have faced, commented that there was a serious problem in the issue of drinking water and so far, there is water for the entire population, as well as payments up-to-date by the citizens for the service.

Regarding the collection of the property tax, there has been a response from the citizens, in addition, it began with the cleaning of lily pads in Lake Pátzcuaro, so as not to have this problem during the dry season and it is the only administration that has started working on the issue.

He commented that between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week a message will be given, as the report to be issued is ready, where it will be indicated under what conditions the administration received and what has been the work that they have done in these 100 days.

He also said that as of this Monday, December 13, the work to fix Ahumada Street and the sidewalks in Federico Tena at the level of the gas station began, and it is a resource that had to be applied, otherwise it had to return, so these sections will be closed during the approximate 2 months that the works last.

Julio Arreola starts work on Ahumada street and the sidewalks in Federico Tena
Julio Arreola starts work on Ahumada street and the sidewalks in Federico Tena

Finally, Julio Arreola stated that regarding the tianguis for the Three Wise Men, he indicated that it will be installed on January 4 and 5 in the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, but the idea is to find a suitable space for merchants, as the The parade on January 6, which is expected to be exceptional and exceed expectations.


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