Three Pueblo Magicos you must visit at Christmas


These places have a family atmosphere, in addition to Christmas activities, they also offer outdoor activities where you can have a picnic or go horseback riding.

In Mexico there are several places to visit in each season of the year; for the holidays there are magical towns that offer shepherds, food, decorations, a family atmosphere, among other activities to live the Christmas spirit.


It is located in the state of Puebla, during the Christmas season this place is very famous because there is a factory that offers a variety of models of spheres and ornaments, which are exhibited in its Tree Fair.

In the center of the town throughout the holiday season put ornaments of great dimension as spheres, Christmas trees, reindeer illuminated with LED lights where you can take pictures, too, there is a space in the central church where guide the tourist s with information on all the activities that can be carried out in the state of Puebla.

(Photo: Unknown Mexico).

Chignahuapan has several former convents and temples, a place to be among hot springs is the Barrio de Tenextla; in the Plaza de las Armas there is a wooden kiosk; For lovers of natural landscapes, you can visit the Salto de Quetzalapan, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Puebla, or the Almoloya lagoon to enjoy an outdoor tour.

In the downtown market, there are typical dishes of the place such as the traditional poblano mole; mushroom chicken, hole barbecue, bread stuffed with cheese and pressed pork rinds, as desserts are sweet pepita jamoncillo, jellies of different fruits, pumpkin and dulce de leche.

Tepotzotlán in the State of Mexico

This magical town offers different types of tourist entertainment throughout the year, in December it stands out for the representation of the traditional pastorela in which recognized artistic personalities act.

During the Christmas season in magical towns such as Tepotzotlán or Chignahuapan there are representations of the famous pastorela and illuminated decorations.  (Photo: The souvenir)

During the Christmas season in magical towns such as Tepotzotlán or Chignahuapan, there are representations of the famous pastorela and illuminated decorations. (Photo: The souvenir)

In some hotels, they offer entertainment characteristics of the Christmas season such as a Christmas carol concert, luminous Christmas arrangements, and the center also has decorations where you can take pictures. In the place there are tourist attractions such as the “Arcos del Sitio” which is an ecotourism park with a family atmosphere where you can ride a horse, have a picnic or tour the aqueduct that was built in the 16th century.

To learn about the history of Tepotzotlán and its conformation, it has the National Museum of the Viceroyalty that has around 34 thousand pieces from the 16th and 19th centuries. In its historic center there are several stalls of snacks to enjoy; In the municipal market they sell ice cream and barbecue that is very consumed by the tenants.


The town of Tlalpujahua is located in Michoacán, in this place, there are handcrafted works such as blown glass spheres which they put on sale in different stores. You can spend a family day at Brockman Dam where you can go hiking; ride an ATV; ride a horse; take a break in the green areas or have a picnic.

The main square that is surrounded by arches is ideal for taking pictures and walking, there is also the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Carmen that at night has a light and sound show. To learn about the past of this town are the Mina, Las Dos estrellas and Hermanos López Rayón museums.

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