Residents of San Andrés blockade the highway Uruapan-Pátzcuaro


URUAPAN, Mich., May 29, 2023.- Residents of the town of San Andrés Corú, belonging to the municipality of Ziracuaretiro, blockade the Uruapan-Pátzcuaro highway, right at the site where a taxi overturned last this Monday afternoon.

The blockade is derived from the accident of a Maquinas Rojas taxi, which overturned into a ravine, because prior to the accident, it allegedly ran over a neighboring woman from that town, and after that the taxi was projected into a void.

At the site of the blockade, the residents demand the presence of a representative of the rental vehicle insurer, since the purpose is to make them responsible for the medical expenses of the woman who was run over by the driver of the car.

Source: Quadratin