Mazatlan hotels make agreements with private laboratories to perform PCR and IGG in-house tests


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Some hotels in Mazatlán already apply Covid-19 tests, mainly to foreign tourists, said Guillermo Romero Rodriguez, president of the Concanaco Servytur Hotel and Motel Commission. He added that some hotels already offer these tests as part of their packages and in other cases, tests can be done at an additional cost.

“Mazatlán is at the forefront, we are taking a step forward, as OMA did, at the Mazatlán and Culiacán International Airport since last January 26, which is applying tests and the lodging centers are also providing this service within their premises,” he said.

Romero Rodríguez pointed out that some hotels already offer these tests within their packages and in other cases, it can be done at an additional cost.

“The idea is to offer a full service to tourists who come mainly from abroad since right now there are countries, for example, the United States, that ask their travelers for a quick test before flying back home,” he explained.

He indicated that the sector is making agreements with laboratories to offer this service, despite the fact that some countries such as Canada have restricted travel to Mexico since the end of January.

“We are already prepared for the time Canadians can travel back to Mexico, we already have the PCR study in the airport and the hotel sector, which is the requirement that Canada requests. We are well prepared,” he insisted.

The hotel entrepreneur, also, said that there is still no specific number of hotels that offer this service, but more and more are providing this service now.

Source: OEM

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